Family Feud

Family Feud 1.1.5

The popular game show comes to the iPhone


  • True to the format of the show
  • Features the vocal talents of John O'Hurley
  • Two-player 'Party' mode


  • Frequently crashes

Very good

Family Feud (or Family Fortunes, as it's called in the UK) is one of those game shows whose format never seems to tire. Now you can appear on the show yourself by installing Family Feud for iPhone.

Developer Ludia has handled the Family Feud license with the care and accuracy of a super-fan of the show. Featuring the silky voice of presenter John O'Hurley and staged in a set true to the original show, the game sees you try to lead your family to glory against other families and scoop the $20,000 (fictional) prize money.

Family Feud puts you and your family up against another family in a series of four head-to-head rounds per show. If you win the overall game you get to play the fast money game at the end. Again, the format of the quiz is very accurate. For each round you need to buzz in first with your answer to gain control and decide whether to play or pass the round. You have fifteen seconds to enter a word that you think will be one of the top answers. Thankfully, an intelligent word suggestion features makes it easy to control.

There's plenty of life in the single-player mode. Every time you win a show you move on to play a new family in the next show, with the opponent getting increasingly tough each time. The entertaining two-player 'Party mode' in Family Feud lets you pit yourself against a friend on your iPhone.

Family Feud would get an even higher score were it not let down by occasional game lag and crashes, which spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Hopefully these bugs will be ironed out soon, because Family Feud really is a captivating simulation of the game show classic.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
Family Feud


Family Feud 1.1.5

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